On February 16, the Portuguese Government announced in the news the end of the Golden Visa Programme, however, no further detail was provided in accordance with the country’s regulations.

👉🏻 Is it true that the government of Portugal recently announced that it wants to end the Golden Visa?

👉🏻 What is the date when the Golden Visa in Portugal will end?
It is not known yet. It may be at least one or two months before we know the final date when the Golden Visa program ends.

👉🏻 Can foreign citizens who today wanted to invest in real estate in order to have the Golden Visa, still do it?

👉🏻 Will foreign citizens who already have the Golden Visa be denied the Golden Visa?

👉🏻 Will foreign citizens who already have a Golden Visa be able to renew their Golden Visa?

👉🏻 Are there still property options in Portugal that are eligible for the Golden Visa?
Yes there are. For our clients, we have specially selected options.

👉🏻 I want to make a real estate investment to get the Golden Visa but the property is still under construction. Is that possible?
Yes, it is possible.

👉🏻 If obtaining the Golden Visa is a priority for the foreign citizen, should he/she wait until he/she knows when it will expire?
In our opinion, no. You will lose opportunities to buy real estate that will certainly be acquired by other interested parties.

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