Don’t waste water campaign makes a splash in the Algarve

The Algarve has become the first region in Portugal to start a national water saving campaign called, ‘Água é vida – não a desperdice’ (Water is life – don’t waste it).
As a popular holiday region and a favourite among second homeowners, it’s not surprising that the Algarve’s population “almost doubles during the summer months,” causing water consumption to rise significantly.

The Algarve has greatest water shortage

Right now, around a third of Portgual (36%) is facing severe drought and the Algarve is “the territory most affected by drought and water scarcity.
Organisers of this water campaign see its beaches, shopping centres, hotels, markets and large regional events, as the perfect platform to broadcast the campaign and raise awareness across the local communities and visitors to the locale.
Key regional organisations, including the regional water authority Águas do Algarve (AdA), the Algarve municipalities association (AMAL) and the Algarve tourism board (RTA) are teaming up with several hotel and restaurant associations to raise awareness among “residents and tourists to not waste water.

Pioneering plant in Albufeira

A desalination plant is currently under construction in Albufeira. The Algarve authorities estimate that this will be able “to cover one third of the region’s urban water requirements.
AMAL president António Pina likened the desalination plant to something of an “insurance plan” for the Algarve with a “good coverage rate”.

safe water

National campaign being promoted across Portugal

The national campaign is being promoted by the Águas de Portugal Group (AdP), Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) and the Regulating Entity of Water and Residues Services (ERSAR) with the financial backing of the Environmental Fund. The objective is to raise awareness about the country’s ongoing drought and dwindling water reserves.

The bodies driving the campaign made a collective statement: “An open tap can waste 12 litres of water in just one minute. If each person wastes one minute of water per day in Portugal, that’s 120 million litres of water, enough to meet the daily basic needs of one million people.

Impact of climate change

“Water is increasingly scarce due to the effects of climate change. It is time to take action. We all need to be more aware of our behaviour to contribute to reducing water consumption, using it appropriately to avoid unnecessary expenses, and combating waste.”

Portugal facing drought crisis

Since the end of May, the country has faced severe climate changes. Drought is at extreme levels affecting a third of Portugal, according to the Portuguese sea and atmosphere institute (IPMA).

Precipitation levels are also 35% below May’s average.
Across Portugal, the campaign is being promoted nationally, particularly focusing on those areas most affected by drought with messaging across social media, press publications, advertising, and events in public spaces.

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