25 September was the date chosen to mark NATIONAL DAY OF SUSTAINABILITY.

National Day of Sustainability is a day dedicated to raising public awareness of the importance of sustainability for the future of the planet.

The date, 25 September, was chosen because it was the day on which the United Nations adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In Portugal, the day is celebrated with a series of events and activities promoted by public and private organisations. These activities aim to promote sustainability in different areas of society, including:

Education and awareness-raising:

Educational and awareness-raising events for sustainability are organised, aimed at different audiences, such as schools, companies and families.

Innovation and technology:

Projects and initiatives are promoted that demonstrate how innovation and technology can contribute to sustainability.

Action and change:

Actions and changes in behaviour that contribute to a more sustainable future are encouraged.

dia nacional ad sustentabilidade

The fact that Portugal was the first country to dedicate a day to sustainability is a clear sign of the country’s commitment to this issue.

Portugal has incentive programmes to promote energy saving and sustainability, reducing the country’s environmental impact.

Incentive programmes for private individuals

Support Programme for More Sustainable Buildings:

This programme offers financial support for energy efficiency improvements in residential buildings.

Efficient Home 2020:

This programme offers financial support for the purchase of efficient equipment and materials for the construction or renovation of residential buildings.

Rehabilitate to Rent:

This programme offers financial support for the rehabilitation of residential buildings for rental purposes.

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