30 Tips To Selling Your Home (PART II)

STEP TWO: The Marketing

20. Good Photos –  So now you’ve spent all that time getting the property clean, tidy, and clutter free, it’s important to show it off. An investment in the services of a professional photographer will get your home noticed on those property portals and help make it stand out to potential buyers.

21. Consider the latest technology. If the pandemic restrictions have taught us anything in selling property, people can’t always come immediately for a viewing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go to them—virtually. Posting a video or, even better, an interactive 360-degree virtual tour, can help sell your property even before a buyer walks in your door—and weed out those time-wasters!

22. Price it right – do your research; pricing a property right will save you a lot of time and hassle. Expect everyone to make you an offer, but pricing too high in anticipation of offers means some buyers typing in their budgets will not even see it online, or scroll straight past it. A low price could sell it faster but you will always be left wondering if you could have got more for it. Consider the advice of the professionals.

23. Spread the word—tell your friends and family you are selling, share the listing on social media, push it out to your network even if you are using an agent. The wider the net the more chance of catching a fish.

24. Sell the dream – Most potential buyers are not just looking for a new home – they are looking for a change in lifestyle and looking to take advantage of everything Portugal has to offer. Sell the lifestyle of living in a country that has over 300 days of sunshine every year, lower cost of living, blue flagged beaches, fresh local food and clean open spaces to explore, which can better their quality of life.

25. Don’t be in a rush – It is important to remember that some properties take longer than others to sell, and to get the right buyer and right price you often need to have a little patience.