30 Tips To Selling Your Home (PART III)

STEP THREE: Viewing Day

26. As a general rule consider a buyer’s first impression. Many buyers will decide whether they want to buy within seconds of walking in. Have some fresh flowers on display, make the rooms fresh and clean, with pleasant smells.

27. Open the all the shutters and turn on the lights – give your home a bright feel, really showing its best features.

28. Consider the temperature. In winter, turn the heating on to give that cosy feel as soon as they walk in. If it is summer, put on the air-conditioning. Your buyers may have been to see a few properties already and as it’s hot outside, make them feel fresh and comfortable in your home.

29. Beware of nasty pet odours and other smells. You may be an animal lover but your potential buyers may not be used to the smells of animals in their home. Try to put your pets out of sight and ensure the property is well aired before the buyers arrive.

30. Try to avoid smoking inside your home, while your property is on the market. The smell of old cigarette smoke or ashtrays full of old butts can put off potential buyers.

Finally, good luck! It’s sometimes not easy to sell a property. But the right support from the right partners, and some careful preparation can make a lot simpler.